Documents & Forms ..Using the forms can be confusing.  Depending on your version of Acrobat Reader and your email configuration, you may be able to email directly from a form or be so restricted that you can't even save a form you just filled out (print it only).  The two methods listed below should provide the simplest approach to using the forms. 

1) If you have the latest version of Acrobat Reader you can probably:

       A) DOWNLOAD the form (recommend naming it something useful, not gibberish)

       B) open the form on YOUR COMPUTER, fill it in, SAVE it

       C) attach the form to an email and mail to ''

2) Otherwise you may have to:

       A) fill out the form on the screen without downloading

       B) PRINT the form (you can't save the filled in form with this method)

       C) mail to:   Ashborough,  PO 50043,  Summerville, SC 29485 

            (if you have a scanner, scan and attach to email: '')

CAUTION: Adobe may try to sneak install some trial programs.  If you don't want them be sure to uncheck those options.