Resident Dues (includes access to Amenities): $400 due Jan 1- late after Mar 1 ($25 late charge) 

       Make check to: Ashborough Civic Association, PO 50043, Summerville, SC 29485

       or by 'PopMoney'.  Sorry, no credit cards. 

Non-Resident Access to Amenities $400     Resident/NonResident Request for an Amenities Key

Boat Landing Access:

  $45 for initial key, $25 to renew  Boat Landing Info

Home Sale Closing Services

  $75 for Estoppel Certificate, $75 Property Transfer (we check for outstanding issues).

Fines per the Covenants:

  Hard to Remedy Violation (unauthorized tree removal, adding a garage, etc) maximum: $5000

  Easy to Remedy Violation (parking on the grass, boat stored in view, etc) $20/day