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Request a Mailbox ........

Ashborough has adopted a standard mailbox.  The HOA will install and maintain your mailbox for you.  Other mailbox styles are not allowed.

To get a new box tell us your address (preferably in the title of your email) and let us know if you think it will be a multi box installation (another box within 10 ft).

Also let us know if it is an emergency - like someone ran over your box ... don't laugh, it happens.

THAT'S IT ... be patient it is an all volunteer effort.

We do single, double, triple and a few quad mailbox installations.  On the right is a typical double box.  More than two boxes and we use two posts and a bridging rail.

Remember to put 'Mailbox', 'Your Address' and let us know if it is a multi box install then: Contact the Manager..

Typical Double Box.JPG
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