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Ashborough Subdivision is a quiet community of over 400 homes with covenants and restrictions, located on the outskirts of Summerville,  South Carolina.

One of the major considerations when developing Ashborough Subdivision was to maintain as many trees as possible.  That principal has been maintained since inception. In addition to the variety of home designs and square footage available, significant lot size and homeowner attention to creative landscaping provides a feeling of seclusion and individuality to each residence.

The Ashborough Civic Association (ACA) consists of all homeowners in the subdivision. The Ashborough Civic Association owns the common areas throughout our neighborhood and maintains them for the use and enjoyment by our members and their guests. The two main recreational areas are the Ashborough Avenue Complex and Mayfield Park.

Ashborough Avenue Amenities

Club House and Barbecue Pavilion/Shelter –  is located on Ashborough Avenue and is the location for Civic Association meetings and many neighborhood social gatherings. These amenities may be rented by homeowners for a nominal usage fee. An online calendar of scheduled events is kept on our website.
Playground – The Ashborough Avenue Playground is open from dawn to dusk. The playground equipment is intended for use by children under the age of 15.  Younger residents under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
Sports Field – This field, includes a ball field, beach volleyball court and a horseshoe pit. 
Swimming Pool – The Ashborough swimming pool is a 6 lane, 25 meter pool. The pool is open from 5:00 am until 11:00 pm from April 1st to October 31st each year. The pool is “swim at your own risk”.
Tennis Courts – Ashborough has two tennis courts, located next to the swimming pool and civic building, available for members to use. The courts are open from dawn until dusk.


Mayfield Park is open year round from dawn until dusk. The entrance to the park is located in the 400 block of Mayfield

Nature Preserve – Our walking/hiking trail winds through 96 Acres of riverfront property. It is bordered by the Ashley River and a tidal canal. Access to this area is through Mayfield Park.

Playground – The smaller of our two playgrounds is in Mayfield Park and is intended for use by older residents.

Basketball Court – enjoy full court competition on our court with two goals.
Soccer Pitch –The small field is intended for youth matches or 3 on 3 adult games.

Other Amenities

Ashborough Lake – This Ashborough lake is for recreational fishing and boating. There are no gasoline powered engines permitted on the lake. Access is on Mayfield Street.


Ashborough Community Network (ACN) The ACN is an email distribution list for our community. The Board of Directors utilizes the ACN to send pertinent information to residents. To be included in the ACN mailings Contact the Manager and you will be added.

Covenants, Restrictions, & Bylaws

Ashborough Subdivision and the Ashborough Civic Association are governed by Covenants, Restrictions, and Bylaws. The purpose of the Covenants, Restrictions, and Bylaws is to maintain and promote the property values and aesthetics of all common properties and homes in the subdivision and have an equitably and reasonably enforceable set of rules and restrictions which control the exterior appearance of all structures on the lots and common properties of the subdivision.


Prior to closing or at closing for your home you should have been made aware of the Covenants, Restrictions, and Bylaws and provided a copy by your realtor or legal representative for your review. This document is a legal and binding part of the deed for your lot and home. If this did not happen, address the issue with your legal representative for you are bound by the Covenants, Restrictions, and Bylaws whether you were aware of them or not.

In order to best serve our new (and existing) neighbors, the Board of Directors has appointed an Architectural Review Committee (ARC). This perpetual committee is made up of residents with particular expertise in the Covenants and Restrictions, as well as general building knowledge, exterior design, and tree protection. The ARC will help you get your proposed changes approved quickly, or work towards a compromise that works for both the homeowner and the Association. The average turnaround time for an ARB request is less than a week. Should a homeowner be denied an ARB request by the ARC, they may appeal the decision to the Board of Directors, that still make up the ARB as defined in our Covenants and Restrictions.

The section below highlights a couple of areas which most likely will immediately affect a new homeowner or renter in the subdivision ‐ the complete copy of the Covenants, Restrictions, and Bylaws is available on the Ashborough web site,

Overview of Covenants/Restrictions  (Full Covenants...)

1. All improvements/changes which affect the exterior appearance of your home and/or lot must be approved by the Architectural Review Board (ARB). ARB submission forms are available on the website.

Improvements/changes can include but are not limited to removing trees, adding an addition to your home, adding a porch or deck, constructing a fence, replacing garage doors, putting in a swimming pool, constructing a play house, and enlarging the driveway. 

2. No truck or van over ¾ ton, bus, or commercial vehicle may be parked overnight in Ashborough Subdivision unless it is garaged and out of sight.

3. No parking is permitted on the grass areas of your lot. Vehicles must be parked in the driveway or in the garage. No parking is permitted on the streets overnight.

4. Garbage containers, and debris piles must be screened from view except on your appropriate pick‐up day.  You must select your own trash pickup contractor.

5. No trade, business, or profession may be conducted from the homes in Ashborough Subdivision which has a visible appearance and/or impact on your home or your neighbor’s home.

6. No trailer, RV, camper, or boat/trailer may be stored on any lot unless it is screened from view. Rules for short‐term preparation and repair to these vehicles are outlined in the covenants.

Other Useful Information - 

Board of Directors – The Ashborough Civic Association is governed by 7 Board of Directors, elected by the membership in two year terms. 

Speed Limit – The speed limit throughout the subdivision is 25 mph.

Swim Team – Ashborough has been the home of the summer league swim team, Ashborough Alligators, since 1974. The team is made up of neighborhood and area swimmers ages 5 to 18.

Annual Assessment – In order to run the Ashborough Civic Association, including the operation, maintenance, insurance, and taxes on our common areas and facilities, the ACA collects an annual assessment from each of its members, due January 1st of each year (delinquent after March 1st).  Fees...

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