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Sheds should be as inconspicuous as possible ... covenants say it should match your house (see alternate below). Check with the county to see if their approval is required AFTER you get Ashborough approval.

We try to keep sheds out of view of the street and as much out of the view of the neighbors as possible. We have owners who want to put their shed behind the garage side of their house (so they don't have to look at it) but it may ruin the view out the back of the neighbor's house. Any inconvenience caused by the shed (especially visual) should be born by the shed owner not a neighbor.

Ten feet should be a safe distance from property and easement lines. If you build on an easement and there is a problem (say electrical repair needs to be done under the shed) your shed may be damaged by the utility.

    The ARB prefers and has been approving shed exteriors based on hiding the shed as much as possible:

    Charcoal gray shingled roof and Valspar paint:  '4003-2C FLAT ' ('Semi Sweet'). This is a dark gray-green.

    If the shed is larger than about 60 square feet (8x8 is 64 sq.ft.) then the roof line visible from the street

    should be similar to your house.  In general this would mean not 'barn' or 'shed' style.

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